Using SEO And Social Media For A Marketing Strategy

When you are marketing on the Internet you will find that it can be a challenge at times to get the results you want to have. However, if you look at a lot of the SEO companies they are starting to talk about combining their SEO plans with the social media marketing plans they are using. This is because these two options tend to go hand in hand and it allows you to gain quite a bit of ranking and backlinks that are invaluable in the search engines quickly. Here are some of the reasons why combining these two factors are the best option possible.

Social media marketing is going to allow people to gain quite a few back links to a website or profile quickly. The reason why this holds true is the search engines tend to view each profile separately. So this allows people to get quite a few backlinks quickly and easily. All they have to do is make sure the posts they are sharing are being shared as well. This way people are finally able to get the links they need from a website that is high ranking and know these links will count individually.

Authority of the social media websites is something else people are going to enjoy as well. Normally people may not think about this, but with the work that is done by a SEO Sacramento agency, anything that comes from a website that is viewed as an authority site is a good thing. With the social media websites by getting the links shared around the Internet it will make it quite a bit easier for people to get the authority links they need to have. Then people will know they are getting the links from an authority site because that is what social media is considered.

SEO often will need to have some tier 2 links built up to the tier 1 links. This is called tiered linking, and it is something that needs to happen to be a success. However, what people need to realize is when they are using these types of links it can be difficult to do. With a lot of websites, they will use a basic tier 1 link with information linking back to the money site. Then they will use a combination of tier 2 links and a lot of times these can include some of the social media networks including Google.

At times people do not even use the social media networks for getting backlinks to the site. Instead, they are going to find the links are going to come from a variety of outside sources. However, they are going to find the social media sites are a great way to find information on what people are looking for in a specific niche. A good example is in a travel niche for a specific city; they will want to join various travel groups for the city. Then they can start to see more about the city and find out what specific questions travelers to the city are asking and get them answered properly.

Being able to combine social media and Harrisburg SEO is a good thing. However, a lot of times people are going to need to know more about why this is a fantastic option. By knowing about how this will give them good questions to answer in blog posts, but also getting a good quality link it will be quite a bit easier for people to find the information they need to have. Also, know it is going to help them in getting the rankings for commonly asked questions and traffic by answering those questions.

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The Difference Between Mobile-Friendly And Responsive Websites

These days one of the most common requests that we receive on a regular basis is for a responsive website. That is a very positive thing since there are many great benefits that go along with having a responsive site. However, there also seems to be a lot of confusion about them. We will begin by sharing some of the more common misconceptions that we run into when talking to our clients about mobile-friendly and responsive websites:

1. Responsive websites that the only ones that work with mobile devices.
2. All websites must be responsive.
3. Mobile-friendly websites are responsive.

So what do we mean exactly by “mobile-friendly” and “responsive?” Let’s look at these two terms in more detail.

Responsive Design

What a responsive website is is a site that responds (changes) based on what a user’s needs and device are (in our example, a mobile device). So for example, images and text might go from being in a three-column layout to a display of a single column. Unnecessary images are not displayed so they don’t compete or interfere with the most important information on the website that is viewed from a smaller display.

When you are on a desktop computer, you can tell whether or not a website is responsive through reducing the window size on your browser down to very small from full screen. The website is responsive if menu, image and text appearance change as it gets smaller.

Responsive Website Key Features:

– Relies on a mobile operating system to function
– Correct spacing and padding
– Optimized images
– Condensed navigation
– Dynamic content that changes

Mobile-Friendly Design

With a mobile-friendly website it works exactly the same way no matter what device is being used to view it with. What that means is that nothing is unusable or changes on a mobile device or computer. Features are limited, such as navigation drop-downs, since it can be hard to use them on mobile. Flash animation is also not used. The website is exactly the same, with no concerns for usability no matter what type of device is being used to view the site with.

Mobile-Friendly Website Key Features:

– A mobile operating system is not relied on to function properly
– Images display smaller
– Simplified navigation
– Static content does not change

So how you can tell which is the best for you?

We are going to give you a useful checklist to help you make an informed decision.


Responsive design allows you to achieve a mobile experience that is more customized. However, it does require a somewhat larger budget, proper planning and expertise.


A simple, mobile-friendly site can provide users with a consistent website experience no matter what device they are using. These types of website might not have have extensive functionality and features, but they do work.