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Steve and Holly at SAVOUR

SAVOUR Proprietors Holly McLean and husband Steve Klemaier

We love to travel and taste the flavors of the world, we love sharing good food and drink with our friends, and we have retail in our blood, so we combined these elements to share with you our passion for high-quality, authentic, delicious food and drink.

Holly worked for many years in the travel industry, which allowed us one of our great loves, travel, and one of the best things about traveling has been eating fabulous foods from many countries and cultures. Now when we explore new destinations or visit old favorites, we savor the many wonderful foods and bring them back to you so you can do the same.

SAVOUR History

Holly’s father, Richard McLean, and grandfather, Charles McLean

An entrepreneurial tradition started in the McLean family when Holly’s grandfather, Charles McLean, started a family shoe store in Port Angeles in 1939, and it carried on through her parents, Richard and Carol McLean, who continued to run the family business until 2003. Now Holly and Steve carry on the family tradition of providing high quality products with top customer service to the customers of SAVOUR.

Our mission is to cater to people who love to explore the world of food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, by offering unique foods and products that enhance your cooking, eating, and entertaining experiences. All of which should be savored, which is why we choose the name SAVOUR – and our name is pronounced just that way, savor, with a little twist!

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