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Capturing the Masters

February 1st, 2014

katya_MasterClass_with_Vincent_12x12_450Love the master artists? We do and you will too when you see how our current showing artist, Katya Minkina, has highlighted them in her still life paintings adoring our walls. We feature Katya’s works this month for February’s Second Saturday Art Walk, where her paintings skillfully and playfully feature some of the great Masters as well as other still life subjects.

Katya Minkina was born and raised in Moscow, Russia where art was greatly appreciated and encouraged in her family and she was given all the support and resources to ‘follow her bliss.’ Between the ages of 7 and 15 she attended one of Moscow’s art schools for children where future artists were groomed rigorously in traditional art disciplines.

In 2008 Katya moved to Seattle where the absolute need to draw and paint finally caught up with her when she discovered the open studios at Gage Academy of Art on Capitol Hill. There she started with rigid pencil sketches and steadily embraced more katya_ChefAtWork_20x16_1000 (2)genres and media, and her artistic focus expanded from figurative art to include other genres such as still life painting.

Katya considers the summer of 2013 to be the official start of her professional art career, fueled by years of work within the confines of her art studio and figure drawing sessions. So far her path has been from live portrait drawing demonstrations and sketching on location with Seattle Urban Sketchers, to a number of shows in local cafes and restaurants, to getting accepted into her first gallery – Cole Gallery in Edmonds.

See Katya’s works on her website,, and on our walls through February.

“Bring it” in Style!

January 14th, 2014

We are currently stocking Jute Market Bags –some of the roomiest, sturdiest tote bags you can find!

Jute bags are made of 100% cotton woven into a burlap texture that is both attractive and strong. The handles are thick and cushioned –great for carrying by hand or over your shoulder. You needn’t worry about overfilling them, the bottoms are reinforced for extra strength. They even include a handy inner zipper pocket.

These bags are simple but attractive and come in two colors, red wine and dark grey. But don’t worry, if you spill anything on them, you can wipe away the mess with a damp cloth.

They are perfect for transporting baked goods or gifts for the holidays. You could even use them to create your very own gourmet Savour gift bag! Either way, these bags aren’t just for the holidays and can be used all year round for anything you can think of. These top quality bags are reusable and long-lasting.

Whether you decide to use these bags for groceries or for special occasions, you will appreciate their combination of functionality, comfort, and style.

Bacon Jam… Need We Say More?

December 22nd, 2013

skillet bacon spreadSkillet has been wowing Seattle with its gourmet street food since 2007 and has opened three amazing restaurants, including one in Ballard. This local company dishes up some of the best, seasonal comfort food in the city–perfect for the foodie on the go. Their vintage Airstream trailer might be difficult to chase down, but now you can enjoy the flavors of Skillet in your own kitchen, and we currently have three different Skillet products that are sure to get you hungry!

Skillet’s famous Bacon Spread  is a combination of high quality bacon, onions, balsamic, and spices, which are slowly cooked skillet bacon spread 2and reduced into a “jam.” The result? A tangy, smoky, and sweet concoction that is without compare. Skillet typically uses this “bacon jam” on their hamburgers, but at home you can use it as an easy way to add the flavor of bacon to any dish. Add this jam to stir fries, baked goods, and dips. If you just can’t get enough, try spreading it directly onto sandwiches or crackers. The only limit on this condiment is your imagination!

In addition to the original Bacon Spread, we also have the Fennel and Black Pepper Bacon Spread. The flavor of this spread is more aromatic and savory –a truly unique experience. This spread goes great with cheese and will add some delicious intrigue to any meal.

Another exciting Skillet product we have is Pumpkin Sauce. This condiment is a yummy combination of tomato, pumpkin, and spices. At first taste, this sauce is sweet and tangy tomato before evolving into spiced pumpkin. Think of it as ketchup, but with less tomato and a whole lot more pumpkin. Whether you decide to spread this on sandwiches or go straight for dipping, this sauce is a great addition to your Autumn menu.

Crown Your Holiday with Sweet Goodness!

December 3rd, 2013

Crown Maple LogoMaple syrup is well loved for its sweetness and distinctive flavor. It’s commonly used to pour over pancakes and waffles, but this syrup goes way beyond the breakfast table. Unlike white sugar, maple syrup is rich in nutrition and comes in many different varieties. Savour is currently carrying Crown Maple Syrup –a delicious introduction into the world of high quality 100% pure maple syrup.

Crown Maple Syrup claims to be one of the “purest maple syrups on earth,” and for good reason. This U.S. made maple syrup hails from the stunning maple groves of Dutchess County, New York. Owners Robb and Lydia Turner go to great efforts to preserve and diversify the natural ecosystem of their estate. Their maple syrup is carefully crafted from the sap of sugar and red maple trees using some of the most innovative and energy efficient methods in the industry. All of Crown’s syrup is Certified USDA Organic –good for the forest and good for you!

Crown maple DarkDark Amber is different than any other maple syrup you’ve likely tried. This rich, dark syrup’s flavor is similar to brown sugar but with a toasty finish. This syrup gives demerara sugar a run for its money. Its robust taste and cocoa bean aroma make for an incomparable coffee sweetener.

crown maple trioCrown Maple Petite Trio contains three 1.7 oz. samples of Crown’s royalty. Light Amber is a lightweight syrup with delicate flavors of caramel, vanilla, and browned butter. Its salty finish will lend a subtle yet complex sweetness to cocktails, ice cream, and meats. Medium Amber will satisfy your autumn palate with its butterscotch and spicy flavor. This syrup’s bold flavors stand up great in baked goods, especially ones featuring chocolate or ginger. This set also includes a bottle of Dark Amber, described above. This trio’s regal packaging makes a fantastic holiday gift, whether it’s for a maple syrup beginner or aficionado.

Put on Some Holiday Cheer!

November 27th, 2013

WP_002321 Just in time for the holiday season, we are now carrying Fête aprons! These charming aprons are 100% cotton and are available in a variety of lovely seasonal patterns. With  ties for your neck and waist, they adjust to provide a  comfortable, flattering fit. These aprons will protect you from spills and splashes, without sacrificing style.

One of our aprons features a dark red, white color scheme that is a perfect match for the late autumn season. The pattern of fall leaves and pomegranates is lined with black ribbon and continues onto the ties. This apron includes deep pockets and a charming ruffle along the bottom of the skirt. It’s as functional as it is classy!

If you are looking for something to brighten up your winter kitchen, we have just the thing for you. This festive red apron features a pattern of blue, green, and gold Christmas ornaments. The candy cane ties add the perfect, playful touch to this WP_002322adorable apron.

Another  apron depicts a charming, snowy town scene, featuring colorful houses, horse drawn carriages, and strolling townspeople. The ties are dark red and the skirt is lined with two layers of matching red and white ruffles.

These wonderful aprons will add color and fun to any gathering, and make perfect gifts. Is it any surprise that fête is French for party?


Come down to Savour to choose from more fun patterns and styles!

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